Negative Effects of Technology on our Health

Technology has facilitated our lives in many ways. In fact facilitation is a small world, technology has taken over our lives, and we can’t help but avail these technologies, gadgets, and devices.

But as they say, excess of everything is bad, and it applies to the use of technologies as well. No matter how convenient or indispensable they become, it is important to keep the following adverse effects in mind.

The Stress: Spending all the time in front of monitors, televisions, smart phone or tablet screens is not healthy. It strains almost every part of our body, especially the eyes, neck, shoulder, and back. So it’s very important to maintain a proper posture, and more importantly, get up and walk around after short, regular gaps.

Obesity: From working to shopping, and studying to having fun, it seems technology has the answer to everything, and you can do everything without moving a muscle, so far so good, except a life when “you are not moving a muscle” is quite unhealthy. The biggest problem arising from this lifestyle is obesity, which is growing at alarming rates. So it’s important to avoid getting lethargic in the name of technology and include a little bit of activity in your life.

Pains: From wrist pains, to headaches, and the pain in your neck or back, bad postures and excessive time in front of computer can result in all these pains. Wrist pain is a common problem seen in people doing a lot of typing, especially when the angle is not right. Same goes for back pain or the pain in neck or shoulder area. The solution is to know, and follow the right posture and take short breaks.

Social Life: Some might think of it as a waste of time, and something only teens can afford to do in their school lives. For others, saying hi on phone or maybe Facebook should be enough. It’s all good if your friends or family members are living in another city or country, but you need to have some local friends and real life gatherings. Laughter is a great medicine. You need to take some time out, go and meet some of those friends or family members. And it will feel much better than having a quick session of chat at Skype or Whatsapp.

Focus: Technology might help us save a lot of time and trouble, but most of the time, we end up wasting a lot of time on our smart phones or tablets. If you don’t have anything to do, logging on to Facebook and spending hours on looking at your friend’s pictures or funny videos shouldn’t always be the answer. The time could have better be spent on something productive, like reading a book or helping out some elderly neighbor?